As an African-born child, I grew up in circumstances not very different from those of the people that Anike Foundation now helps. It was against this backdrop that I began conceptualizing how and what I could do to help in the development of education in Africa. This dream became a reality with the launching of Anike Foundation in 2007.

Anike Foundation is a community of people who share a common belief that abundant resources in the developed world, channeled appropriately, could alleviate the problem of illiteracy in Africa. Our volunteers come from various backgrounds and cultures across the globe. We believe in building bridges across cultures. We do what we do because, not only do we want to help people, but also that by so doing we are helping ourselves become better people. Try it! You might be surprised how good it feels. However, if you are unable to contribute your time, contribute whatever resources you have. We will use your contribution  to fund one of our ongoing projects. The satisfaction you would feel by so doing is no less than you would feel by contributing your time.

People who are interested in learning about Africa should check our “About Africa” section. We have a series of “Tales from Africa” that would bring up childhood memories for many Africans and enrich the understanding of African Culture by non-Africans. These stories are suitable for the young at heart of all ages. Enjoy!

Thank you,
Segun Ige
President and Founder