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Support the work of Anike Foundation
Support to fund ANIKE Foundation’s activities and programs is obtained through private and corporate donations. ANIKE Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Therefore, all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Because ANIKE Foundation is a volunteer organization, more than 90% of your donation goes directly to providing educational materials to needy pupils in Africa.
ANIKE Foundation accepts online donations via PayPal or through Process Donation.

Donate with Confidence

You may donate through PayPal or through Process Donation. PayPal’s fraud protection policy covers you against unauthorized purchases made through PayPal. In all cases, your payment is secure and we do not see your purchase history or full credit card number.

To make a tax-deductible donation by check:
• Make check payable to ANIKE Foundation.
• Mail the check to:

Anike Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 435
West Boylston, MA 01583

You will receive a prompt acknowledgment and receipt.