African Youth Alliance Group (AYAG) is a non-governmental organizational primarily serving the northwest region of Cameroon near Bamenda, a city of over 500,000. AYAG, made up of a network of ten volunteers across three villages, seeks to impact social change in youths through educational activities and community projects. The organization focuses on access to education, particularly for young, vulnerable girls from poor homes who are often forced into early marriage. As a result, they are exposed to early childbirth, gender-based violence, death at childbirth and in extreme cases, sexually transmitted diseases. AYAG organizes workshops promoting education in the community and encouraging families to send children to school. Community workshops also touch upon hygiene and sanitation, environmental protection, sexual health and reproductive rights.

AYAG will partner with Anike Foundation to set up small libraries and multimedia centers in rural areas where children do not have access to books, computers or internet. In addition, AYAG is working to set up tailoring workshops to teach young girls how to sew in order to help them learn new skills while generating some income. Through this partnership, AYAG hopes to emphasize the possibility of social change to the population it serves and to the surrounding community.