Cherehani Africa Initiative is a nonprofit organization (NGO) based in Kenya that provides educational opportunities to less fortunate women in rural areas. As it is in most places in developing countries, women make up most of the local poor. Cherehani Africa aims to eliminate much of this poverty by giving members the resources to learn about using formal and self-employment channels for profit. Through these efforts, Cherehani Africa provides women with the opportunity to dream and the tools to reach for those dreams. Women would be able to maintain their own fashion businesses and, in turn, would be able to afford food, proper shelter, clothing, education and medication.

Anike Foundation is partnering with Cherehani Africa to provide computers to primary schools  that work with the Cherehani Africa Girls School Uniform Project. The project allows women to make uniforms for the most improved and best performing girls in grades 4-8. The uniforms are sold below market rate to make them affordable to poor families. Allowing girls this opportunity brought attention to the fact that the schools the project worked with did not have computer laboratories for the students. Cherehani Africa realized that most students had not been given the opportunity to interact with a computer and that their education was hindered without computers.

Cherehani Africa will provide technical support for the use and maintenance of the computer labs, thereby reducing operating costs. The computers will provide an improved educational experience to the students. Anike Foundation is proud of its partnership with Cherehani Africa. For more information on Cherehani Africa and the School Uniform Project, visit

Cherehani Africa CEO Wesley awards Alice a new uniform as parents look on