ABC4All-Sierra Leone (A better Community for all) is a registered Community Based Organization (CBO) founded in 2008. Based in Freetown City, its main purpose is to rehabilitate civil war victims (especially child soldiers), deeply traumatized and abused children, orphans, and widows. The country experienced social and economic disaster resulting from 11 years of civil war which ended in 2001 and the recent Ebola crisis. Inadequate access to education and poor sanitary conditions are major problems for Sierra Leone and, for these reasons, are ABC4All’s main areas of intervention.

The successful implementation of ABC4All’s projects, which includes the provision of basic learning materials, will increase the enrollment rate in primary school and improve educational standards. The aim of the projects is to improve hygienic conditions by implementing infrastructural interventions (such as building community health clubs, VIP toilets, and hand-pump wells) and to promote personal education and environmental hygiene practices. To achieve the second goal, the organization promotes active participation by raising awareness within the communities through education supervisors and community promoters to disseminate good practices and establish community development committees.

The projects will initially target Freetown Communities and will be replicated in other parts of the country, as funds are available.