Welcome to Anike Foundation! We are a community of people who share a common belief that educational resources, channeled appropriately, would alleviate the problem of illiteracy in Africa over time. Although our focus is on Africa, our volunteers come from all over the world. We pride ourselves on building bridges across cultures and national boundaries. In case anyone has doubts as to how hungry and passionate Africans are for advancing their education, I have a story for you.

We recently launched our new website. Before we did, we assembled a panel of reviewers from all over the world. Naturally, many of them were located in North America; but a few were located in Africa. When we sent out our website survey, considering how widespread and reliable internet access is in North America versus Africa, we expected to receive feedback first from the North American reviewers and much later from the African reviewers. To our surprise, the first couple of survey responses we received came from Africa, well ahead of the deadline we gave them! One of them came from the President of one of our partner organizations, Mr. Jacques Kabinda.

I told Jacques how pleased I was to receive his response promptly and asked him how he did it. He said it was actually not easy for him to do because his computer recently broke down and he had to travel 42 km to the nearest town with internet access in order to complete our survey! These are the kind of people we are trying to help: people who, despite severely limited resources, are determined to make the best of what they have in order to have a better future for their children.

If you want to help people like Jacques, go to on our donation page and make a donation or fill our contact form to volunteer. We would be glad to have you on our team.

Thank you,

Segun Ige

President and Founder


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