March 2016 — Anike Foundation partnered with Kagera Youth Forum to provide ten computers and ten liquid-crystal display (LCD) computer screens to benefit underprivileged youth in Tanzania. Kagera Training College, established by Kagera Youth Forum, provides one-year certificate career programs that enable students to improve their living standards and achieve their goals. The course programs include: Tourism and Tour Guide; Nursery School Instruction and Preparation; Business Establishment and Management; Computer Skills and Life Skills. These targeted programs benefit the dis-empowered, including young women and underprivileged youth, by giving them access to quality and affordable education, marketable skills training and life-long learning opportunities, with a focus on excellence.

Students will train on computers using voice over internet calling, create photos, receive online job training and learn job searching skills. The ultimate goal is to train local talent with skills, qualifying them for employment opportunities and to create a qualified personnel pool for employers. Anike Foundation expects to continue partnering with Kagera Youth Forum to benefit Kagera Training College in order to provide additional computers as well as printers, scanners and other computer lab equipment.

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