Anike Foundation Partners With Ugandan NGO To Support Orphan Children

Bigusi Muslim Development Centre (BMDC) was formed in 2013 to offer support to vulnerable and orphaned children in Eastern Uganda’s Sironko District. Abiding by the organization’s motto “Humane For All,” BMDC aims to improve the quality of life and school retention of orphans and vulnerable children through the provision of scholastic materials. 

In May 2018, under funding by Anike Foundation, BMDC purchased and delivered school supplies and hygiene products to over 250 local schoolchildren. The children received books, pens and pencils, and adolescent girls received feminine hygiene products, enabling them to attend school throughout the month. 

One local student, a young woman in grade primary five, expressed her sincere gratitude, thanking field officers and Anike Foundation.
“. . . at times I miss classes due to lack of books, pens and [worse still] when menstrual period comes, I stay home until it passes. My guardian cannot afford to buy pads for me and since I started my period last year, I have never used pads in my entire life, but now I am relieved and have got a chance to use them in my next menstrual period. Thank you, Anike Foundation, for using Bugisu Muslim Development Center to bring school materials and sanitary pads to us.”

 Another student, upon receiving his books, mathematical set and pens, expressed his thanks.  

“I was chased from class several times due to lack of two books for science and social studies, but now I have got four counter books for both subjects. God is great, merciful, caring and always likes His children. Since I have got books, I pray to Almighty God to use Anike Foundation and their partner to reach to us with uniforms, school bags, shoes and socks.”

Building on their partnership with Anike Foundation, BMDC aims to continue support of local orphan and vulnerable children, to create developmental projects to empower women and youth, to provide agricultural support to local farmers by distributing tools and seeds, and to provide healthcare support and protection against disease with the distribution of mosquito nets.

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