Anike Foundation’s President, Dr. Segun Ige, was recently interviewed as a featured guest on Boston station WROL’s radio show “Around Town.” Dr. Ige shared with listeners his motivation for starting Anike Foundation, particularly the inspiration of his mother in supporting him in his own educational pursuits. Listeners had the opportunity to learn more about Anike Foundation’s mission. He discussed his model of collecting educational supplies and donations from developed countries like the United States and providing them through partnerships, to African non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Dr. Ige shared with Boston radio land some of the best success stories from Anike Foundation’s efforts as well as how listeners can donate. Finally, listeners had a chance to learn more about why Anike Foundation and its supporters focus their efforts on educational development in Africa and how, in doing so, the organization serves a larger purpose in empowering the people most in need.
Take a listen here:

BIDCAF staff providing books, pens and pencils to children_compressed