Anike Foundation is partnering with the Association for the Promotion of Community Initiatives (APICOM) to promote primary and secondary education in the Democratic Republic of Congo. APICOM is a non-profit organization addressing the needs for socio-economic development in the Democratic Republic of Congo, particularly the Bas-Congo province. What started out as a group of farmers gathered in the peasant movement has evolved into a non-profit organization promoting socio-economic development and human rights.
One of the major objectives of APICOM is to help abandoned children, orphans and other vulnerable children to better integrate into society and rise above poverty. In order to do this, access to education is essential. APICOM believes that education goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge to also include encouraging each child’s creativity and curiosity as well as developing critical thinking skills and future employability. This partnership will achieve its goals of promoting education through:

  • building and maintaining schools; providing furniture and supplies;
  • organizing training and seminars for teachers and administrators; and
  • encouraging participation of students, teachers, parents and the surrounding community.

Through working together to promote education, Anike Foundation and APICOM are providing needy children the knowledge, support and nurturing necessary to not only survive but thrive.