• What We Do: The Advisory Services Team of Anike Foundation brings customized consulting services to the nonprofit/NGO, private and government sectors through a full suite of services including strategy, implementation and ongoing organizational support to meet your social impact goals.

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  • Grants. Anike Foundation provides advisory services to grant-making as well as grant-seeking organizations in the area of education and healthcare for Africa. With a registry of more than 150 grassroots nonprofit partner organizations and accredited institutions in Africa, Anike Foundation has the widest and most direct access to direct intervention in education and healthcare for Africans. Our advisory services range from providing access to our database of partner organizations to direct monitoring of organizations that have been awarded grants. We will customize our service for you. We will meet with you to evaluate proposals and/or grants and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Motivational Speeches. Anike Foundation provides motivational speeches to corporations as well as government agencies.


  1. For Grant-Making Organizations

We offer the following advisory services to grant-making organizations:

  • African Education and Healthcare Grassroots Organization Database. We will give you access to our database of more than 150 grassroots organizations in education and healthcare for Africans. The information we provide includes organization profiles, past activities and recent reports.
  • Vetting of Grant-Seeking Organizations. We will vet organizations that are seeking grants from you and make recommendations based on our findings.
  • Monitoring of Grant-Receiving Organizations. We will monitor organizations that have received grants from you as they implement their grants, providing you with timely reports.
  • Grants Program Review. We will visit your facility and conduct a thorough evaluation of your grants program. We will follow up our visit with a comprehensive report.


  1. For Grant-Seeking Organizations

We offer the following service to grant-seeking organizations:

  • Grants Matching and Writing. We will review your grant needs, match you with appropriate grant-making organizations and assist you in developing a winning proposal.


  1. For Corporations and Government Agencies

We offer the following service to corporations (both for-profit & nonprofit) as well as government agencies:

  • Motivational Speeches. We will visit your organization and deliver motivational speeches to your employees. Our speech will be tailored to your needs, be it for general problem-solving or to motivate your employees in the spirit of giving. Our speeches are full of examples from our decade of existence.


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