Welcome to our Ambassador-in-Africa Program!

In our continued effort to foster education of non-Africans about Africa, Anike Foundation welcomes individuals or groups of people who would like to visit Africa while, at the same time, bringing educational gifts to the people, thereby contributing to the development of education in Africa. With over 150 partner organizations in Africa in 20 countries, we have a broad range of places for you to choose from. If you tell us what countries you would like to visit, we will research the best organizations that will fit your purpose and schedule. Once we conclude our research, we will give you a list of our partner organizations that you can visit. We offer this program to anyone who donates at least $100 to Anike Foundation. You are responsible for making your travel arrangements, including obtaining requisite inoculations, visas, purchase of airline tickets, making accommodation arrangements and feeding. We will provide contact information for our partner organizations that may have information that could be helpful in your planning. Upon your return, we would expect a summary report of your visit, including photos and video clips as appropriate. Upon a satisfactory trip and submitted report, you will be listed on our website as an “Anike Foundation Ambassador” to the countries you have visited.

In our Pilot Program (“Spin the Wheel”), a group of people from Greece will be cycling through Malawi and Tanzania in the summer of 2017. For more information or to follow the progress of our Pilot Program, check out the “Spin the Wheel” homepage:

or the “Spin the Wheel” blog:

or the “Spin the Wheel” Facebook page:

If you would like to take part in the Ambassador Program, take the following steps:

  1. Make the minimum required donation using the donation button below.
  2. Click on “Donate with Credit Card.”
  3. Select “Ambassador Program” from the drop-down menu under “Please Select a Cause.”
  4. Put the country you would like to visit under “Leave a Comment.-” and verify that you have read and understood the terms and conditions below, e.g. “I would like to visit Uganda. I have read and understand the terms and conditions of Ambassador Program.”

We will be in touch with you to start planning your African visit.

Bon voyage!

Terms & Conditions

Refer to the image below for the countries where we have partners that would welcome our Ambassadors in Africa.

Spin the Wheel

Since its founding in 2007, Anike Foundation, Inc. has been achieving its core mission promoting educational development in Africa. Through partnerships with local NGOs, Anike Foundation has been successfully obtaining educational resources for needy institutions in Africa. Anike Foundation has partnered with over 150 NGOs in 20 African countries to pinpoint needs and provide resources for the communities being served. In addition to carrying out its core mission, Anike Foundation also aims to educate non-Africans about Africa.

In order to further to these goals, Anike Foundation recently launched the Ambassador-In-Africa Program. This program provides visitors to Africa, both groups and individuals, with the opportunity to help carry out our core mission with local Anike Foundation NGO partners and become an “Anike Foundation Ambassador.”

Our pilot “Ambassadors,” a group from Greece, invites us all to ride along and “Spin the Wheel” as they cycle 800 km through Malawi and Tanzania during July of 2017 to bring writing materials and smiles to 4500 children. Check out their website and blog at:

For how to start your own story and become an Ambassador, visit our Ambassador-In-Africa Program page: