Action for the Development of Rights Uganda (ADR Uganda) is a registered nonprofit organization operating in Eastern Uganda, whose goal is to support the rights of orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC’s) and school dropouts. ADR Uganda hopes to promote self-reliance and economic independence among target youth by creating educational opportunities, health and general wellness and promoting a socially motivated environment within the community.

Since the entry of HIV/AIDS in Uganda in 1982, close to 2,000,000 children have been orphaned to date (UNAIDS 2000 Report). This number has risen to approximately 3,000,000 as a result of 20 years of conflict within the northeastern parts of Uganda. Without necessary supports, these youths lack the employable skills necessary to compete in the labor market.  

ADR Uganda’s interventions aim to address needs within areas of health, education and training, as well as economic empowerment of the community. The first goal will be met through malaria and HIV/AID awareness campaigns and providing mosquito nets and HIV/AIDS medications to the target community. Vocational training and quality education within ADR’s Bundi Vocation Training Institute (BVTI) will address the needs for self-reliance and the eradication of poverty.

Established by ADR Uganda in 2012, BVTI’s mission is to produce skilful men and women who are able to transform society through quality technical and industrial services.  By providing continued educational opportunities, participants in the program will develop the ability to engage in income generating projects. These economic opportunities will increase household incomes to provide additional support for siblings and ailing parents while providing youth with economic sustainability.

The projects will target 1,000 infected and affected people within the Pallisa community: orphaned and vulnerable children; school dropouts; single parents and widows affected/infected by HIV; and destitute elderly. Programs will directly impact 400 orphaned youth and adolescents in addition to 600 parents, widows & elderly persons.